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Wind Machine TTW 45000

Whether for the transverse ventilation of large rooms and halls, cold smoke extraction from buildings, cooling of machines or exhibition rooms or theatrical ventilation for trade fairs and fashion shows or for shoots at photo and movie sets – wherever in the commercial sector direct air transport with high capacities is required, the wind machine TTW 45000 is the first choice.

Because this powerful axial fan was scrupulously designed for robustness, reliability, durability and value retention. Accommodated in an enormously hardwearing frame construction with protective grids on the suction and discharge side, this wind machine impresses with fault-free permanent ventilation even in especially rough operating environments. And owing to high-quality wheels with parking brakes the device can change location with lightning speed and still be positioned stably.

Air flow rate45,600 m³/h
Air pressure max.70 Pa
Power input1.5 kW
Power socketCEE 16 A
Input voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption2.8 A
Discharge distance138 m
Transport medium temperature max.40°C
Protection16 A
PlugCEE 16 A, 5-pin
Sound level (distance 3 m)65 dB (A)
Dimensions L x W x H1,395 x 720 x 1,625 mm
Weight88 kg