ttv2500 trotec

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TTV 2500 Fan

Whether fresh air in poorly ventilated areas or ventilation in ducts or welding work – or anywhere else where moderate circulated air is quickly required under not too harsh conditions, the axial TTV fans are in their element Set up, turn on, ready.

The possibility of double-sided mounting of air transport hoses, the TTV 2500 s ideal to supply fresh air or for air extraction Using the optional 3-meter dust bag the TTV 2500 can also be used for dust extraction.

Practical detail: By the process optimised industrial design, it is possible, to stack the TTV 2500 one on top of the other. This not only allows for flexible operation, but also is space-saving during transport or storage of the fans.

Benefits in practice:

  • Development, design, manufacturing: 100% Trotec
  • Bilateral hose connectors for vent and intake
  • Robust polyethylene housing
  • Stackable to save space for storage and transport
  • Ideally suited for many typical ventilation tasks
  • Connection for a dust bag for dust extraction (dust bag optionally available)
  • Optimised German industrial design – protected design
Air flow max. 2.200 m³/h
Airflowair outlet / air inlet
Hose length max.38 m
Air pressure max.300 Pa
Supply voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power input0,52 kW
Fuse10 A
Sound level (distance 3 m)79 db (A)
Hose connection Ø300mm
Mobilityportable / stackable
Dimensions (length x width x height)470 x 390 x 460 mm
Weight17 kg