Product: Trotec TTK 110 HEPA

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Trotec TTK 110 HEPA

The exquisite Trotec TTK 110 S HEPA delivers the dehumidification performance you need – no matter the application, no matter the environment! It comes with three different programmes: Automatic, Strong and Light. Each of the programmes suit a specific need, with a maximum dehumidification capacity of 40 litres per day.

With the Automatic programme, you can set the humidity level you desire in 5% increments between 40% and 70%. If the target level is reached, the unit shuts off automatically. This makes the TTK 110 S HEPA a perfect fit for continuous use in a kitchen or bathroom, for example. 

For water damage or renovation work that require drying in uninterrupted, continuous operator, the Strong programme is superb. It can also help dry laundry. Meanwhile, Light is the programme for minimal but permanent dehumidification. And that means you can create a lasting, feel-good climate in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to its drying abilities, the Trotec TTK 110 S HEPA offers great all-round air cleaning performance too. The HEPA filters rid the air of diverse bacteria and viruses, while the optional active carbon filter can remove organic allergens. A user-friendly, high-performance dehumidifier, the TTK 110 S HEPA is the ideal domestic option.

This unit is supplied with a Schuko plug and an UK adaptor.

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Removal Capacity40 ltr/24hrs
Air Volume (m³/h)260
Temperature Range+5 / +32°C
Humidity Range32-95% RH
Input Voltage230V / 50Hz
Power Input0.52kW
Water Tank6 ltr
Sound Level (dB(A))46
Dimensions (W x L x H)410 x 265 x 665mm
Weight (kg)18