Product: TransTank 200TT-IMDG Transportable Fuel Container

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Product: TransTank 100TT-IMDG Transportable Fuel Container

TransTank 200TT-IMDG

For a comprehensive fuelling station rental option, look no further than the exceptional the TransTank 200TT-IMDG transportable fuel container. This 20,500-litre container lets you cut back on fuel deliveries and ship your fuel by road, rail or sea; the internal baffles making transportation simple and convenient.

The 200TT-IMDG is a compelling proposition for fleet refuelling or the sale of fuel; these tanks can be fitted to become complete dispensing and management systems. The TransTank TT series also offers superb reliability at natural disaster sites and keeps temporary power sources running in demanding circumstances.

Other features include a flexible design that lets you stack up to six units high when full; an access manway to ensure you can perform routine cleaning and service of the inner tank without hassle; and a lockable equipment cabinet housing the fittings, plus letterbox-style ports for continuous operation if locked.


Specification Calculators
Capacity20500 ltrs (with overfill protection)
Dimensions (W x L x H)2438 x 6058 x 2438mm
Bund Material (Thickness)3mm (nominal)
Inner Tank (Thickness)6mm (minimum)