Product: TransTank 100TT-IMDG Transportable Fuel Container

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Product: TransTank 200TT-IMDG Transportable Fuel Container

TransTank 100TT-IMDG

For a reliable supply of fuel for bulk delivery or emergency use, the TransTank 100TT-IMGD transportable fuel container is the optimum solution. This transportable fuel container boasts a capacity of 7,800 litres; a fully bunded diesel storage container delivering a quick fuel supply for your generators, pumps etc.

Internal baffles allow for simple shipping and crane lifting, either by road, rail or sea. Forklift pockets, meanwhile, will give you the freedom to move containers easily when empty. Other features include an access manway, letting you perform routine cleaning, maintenance and inspection of the inner tank with the least fuss.

If space is a concern, the design of this robust transportable fuel container lets you stack up to six high when full. Your security is assured thanks to the lockable equipment cabinet housing all its fittings, as well as letterbox-style ports to enable the continuous operation of up to four diesel engines and pumping fuel.


TransTank 100TT-IMGD – Specification Note:

* for transport under CSC Regulations
** for static fuel storage or transport under local regulations

Specification Calculators
Capacity7800* / 8745** ltrs
Dimensions (W x L x H)2438 x 2998 x 2438mm
Bund Material (Thickness)3mm (nominal)
Inner Tank (Thickness)6mm (minimum)