Product: Red Star 30

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Red Star 30 Oil Fired Indirect heater

The Red Star 30 features a heat exchanger with a flue union to expel fumes and it has a thermal efficiency of almost 90%. These products are widely used in warehouses, horticulture and floriculture, livestock rearing and the building sector; for drying, thawing and heating.

For use in closed environments the installation of a small flue connected to the outside ensures that fumes are removed. Indirect combustion space heaters of the EC range are versatile, reliable, easy to use and safe thanks to the safety devices that shut down the machine in the case of malfunctioning.


Specification Calculators
ModelRed Star 30
Heating Duty30 kW
Power Supply230V 1ph 50Hz
Plug Type16A 3 Pin BS4343
Airflow1150 m³/hr
Duct Size300mm
Max Duct Length7m
Fuel Consumption2.7 L/hr
Tank Capacity45 Litres
Weight48 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H)440 x 1215 x 670mm