patio heater

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Patio Heater IR 2550 S

With its enormous power of 2,500 watts the radiant heater IR 2550 S provides soothing warmth even in the coldest of corners. The powerful radiator can also be a clean and silent heat supplier for the catering sector promoting the customer satisfaction on outdoor terraces. For the device can be flexibly applied outdoors and owing to the inclination angle that is adjustable by 90°, the generated heat can be directed precisely at the guests’ tables. This allows you to extend mild summer nights on your terrace at home and to enjoy sitting out of doors even in the time between seasons.

Calculators 1 quartz heater with 3 heat settings
Heating power stage 1/2/3850 W / 1.650 W / 2.500 W
Connection voltage220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Electrical connection CEE 7/7
Cable length1.8 m
Dimensions (L x W x H)90 x 870 x 190 mm
Weight2.0 kg
Protection classIP20 Adjustable angle of inclination (90 °)