Product: Ordos

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Ordos Dehumidifier

The design of the Ordos building dryer and dehumidifier means it can stand up to the most rigorous of demands. It is a strong and incredibly efficient unit that can be used for long periods of time on construction time, as well as in the clean up after flooding and fire damage.

It is also effective for use in damp buildings that have stood empty for some time too. The Ordos is very manageable and can work in temperatures as low as 0˚C. This feature means that – no matter what season is – this is a unit that will make sure you are able to keep working.

Specification Calculators
Removal Capacity25.5 ltr/24hrs @ 70% RH / 20°C
Air Volume (m³/h)800
Input Voltage230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Running Current3.6 amps
Dimensions (W x L x H)770 x 445 x 470mm
Weight (kg)36