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Oil Heater K 50 Portable Heater

The mobile oil heater K 50 fired with heating oil EL is compact, versatile usable and well transportable hot air heaters for temporary heating of closed rooms.

It is suitable moreover for spot heating outdoors and in closed rooms, for thawing and heating of machines, devices and pipe system, for drying rooms, hay and grain as well as for auxiliary heating in cases of emergency.


  •  Encapsulated ISK ® burner for high operational safety, longevity and simple servicing
  •  Double oil pre-heating for failure-free operation at low temperatures
  •  Connection of a room thermostat possible
  •  Easy to transport and to store
  •  Firing chamber and heat exchanger made of stainless steel
User guides Calculators
Rated heat output (kW)54
Nominal heat output (kW)50
Air flow rate (cum/h)4200
Available stat.compression max. (Pa)100
Volume (dB(A))59
Fuel consumption oil max. (kg/h)4,7
Electric Connection (V/Hz)230/50
Power consumption max. (A)2,8
Length (mm)1623
Width (mm)795
Height (mm)1082
Weight (kg)140
Exhaust pipe (
Exhaust connector (diam. mm)420
Temperature increase Δt(K)45