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Munters Dehumidifier

The Munters XRC 35 LT comes with a built-in automatic defrosting system. Dehumidification provides the best method of speeding up drying time on building sites without cracking or distorting ‘wet’ processes – such as plaster walls or concrete floors.

Dehumidification can be necessary for stabilizing a number of processes, preventing corrosion and mould growth or to accomplish a comfortable environment for people to stay in. Munters XRC LT range of refrigerant dehumidifiers is a unique range suitable for cold environments.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers capability to absorb moist in low temperatures is normally lower but Munters XRC LT’s is suitable both for industrial and commercial purposes at such conditions. A wheeled unit in stainless steel casing and robust design makes a perfect match for professional purposes like storages of paper, drying concrete and basements and restoration after flooding. An alternative to dehumidification is increased ventilation, but it is not possible to ventilate all premises effectively. It also creates higher energy consumption for heating. 

Removal Capacity35.5 ltr/24hrs
Air Volume (m³/h)400
Dimensions (W x L x H)486 x 526 x 815mm