Product: Kalahari 250

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Kalahari 250 Dehumidifier

The Kalahari 250 is the smallest member of our highly efficient building dryer and dehumidifier range. It provides the best means of speeding up the drying time on building sites. But it won’t cause any cracking or distorting to the ‘wet’ processes, such as concrete floors and plaster walls, for example. In small areas and single rooms, meanwhile, the Kalahari 250 is ideal for creating an arid climate.

Specification Calculators
Removal Capacity11.25 ltr/24hrs @ 70% RH / 20°C
Air Volume (m³/h)600
Input Voltage230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Running Current1.3 amps
Dimensions (W x L x H)545 x 370 x 320mm
Weight (kg)23