Product: Hot House Ace 150

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Hot House Ace 150 High Output Indirect Heater

The Hot House Ace 150 oil fired heater is ideal for use within commercial large premises. Not only is the Ace totally portable, it’s also suitable for suspended applications. The Hot House Ace 150 can be connected to ducting, enabling vast amounts of warm air to be controlled and directed over long distances.

Specification Calculators
ModelHot House Ace 150
Heating Duty145 kW
Power Supply415v 3ph 50Hz
Plug Type32A 5 Pin BS4343
Duct Size540mm
Max Duct Length55m
Fuel Consumption14.4 L/hr
Tank CapacityExternal
Weight295 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H)840 x 2120 x 1420mm