Product: Hot Cube 25

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Hot Cube 25 Industrial Electric Heater

The Hot Cube 25 packs a powerful, hot punch. It might be small, but don’t let that leave you in any doubt just how much power it packs. The Hot Cube 25 pushes out a huge volume of warm, dry air quietly and efficiently. It makes this product ideal for medium-sized rooms and offices. It’s incredibly portable too. With a Hot Cube 25, you’ll be sure to keep the chill at bay this winter.

This unit is also available as a 110v option.

Specification Calculators
ModelHot Cube 25
Heat output3 kW
Power Supply115v 32A or 230v 13A 1ph 50hz
Plug Type16A (115v) or 13A(230v)
Air Pressure80 pascals
Max Ducting5m
Temp Increase (ΔT)40°C
Noise Level45dBa @ 3m
Dimensions (W x L x H)300 x 330 x 360mm