Product: Hot Block 95

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Hot Block 95 Industrial Electric Heater

They might look like a cool blue cube, but the Hot Block 95 packs a hot punch. Small but very powerful, the Hot Block 95 pushes out a huge volume of warm dry air quietly and efficiently. They are a brilliant solution for medium sized rooms and offices, and they are – of course – extremely portable. With Hot Blocks, you can be sure to keep the winter chill at bay this year.

Specification Calculators
ModelHot Block 95
Heat output9-12-18 kW
Power Supply400V 3ph 50Hz
Max Current27.2A
Air Volume1520 m³/hr
Outlet Diameter300mm
Max Duct Length5m
Weight32 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H)410 x 470 x 580mm