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Hel 100SP- Mobile indirect fired Diesel heater

HEL heaters are robust, powerful and efficient, suitable for space heating of large/very large indoor areas with people present. They are ideal for temporary and emergency heating needs, as they are self-standing and fitted with wheels. HEL are designed for applications in the construction industry, concrete drying, protection from frost and comfort heating in working areas. HEL heaters are well fitted for the rental market. Fuel tank supplied separately.

  • High-efficiency indirect heaters
  • Suitable for both mobile and stationary installation
  • Low emission, high-performance oil burner
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger
  • Available either with axial (X) or centrifugal (C) fan
  • Suitable for air ductingSuitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Thermal power100 Kw
Efficiency90.1 %
Airflow8.500 m3/h
Noise level74 dB(A)
Power consumption1.200 W