heat box

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Heatbox (weather protection)

Using electric heaters is a simple, clean, flexible and quiet method of heating interior
spaces – and the weatherproof Heatbox facilitates energy savings of up to 70 %. 

The Heatbox equipped with air circulation control, maintenance flap and both supply and exhaust air hose connectors protects electric heaters placed outside against the weather and unauthorized access in equal measure. Thanks to the integrated air circulation control of the Heatbox you can variably and steplessly determine the amount of fresh air depending on the application requirements – ranging from a high percentage in occupied tents to as much as 100 % of recirculation in case of storage tents. 

Instead of having to continuously heat cold fresh air from outside to the required degree of heat, which requires an excessive energy input and entails high costs, warm regeneration air can be added to some extent so as to reduce the energy demand by up to 70 % by making use of the body temperature radiating off the persons inside the tent.