Product: Fire-Flo FF42

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Fire-Flo FF42 Industrial Electric Heater

The Fire-Flo FF42 is a 42kw industrial fan heater. It is designed to give immense heated air volume, with its powerful air moving system. Meanwhile, it’ll keep the overall dimensions as modest as possible too.

The unit develops 1300- 2000 cfm of heated air at a static pressure of 800 pa, which allows you to connect a run of fixed or flexible ductwork. The FF42 heater is robustly built in a steel case and has casters, lifting eyes and fork lift pockets. This makes it easy to move.

Specification Calculators
ModelFire-Flo FF42
Heating Duty42 kW
Power Supply400V 3ph 50Hz
Plug Type63A 5 pin
Airflow4000 m³/hr
Air Pressure600pa
Max Ducting30m
Spigot Size500mm
Fan TypeRadial
Temp Increase (ΔT)60°C
Noise Level73dBa @ 3m
Weight130 kg
Dimensions (W x L x H)700 x 1100 x 1000mm