TEH 300

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Electrical heater TEH 300

The TEH 300: A high-performance electric heater for industrial purposes. It has been specially developed for short-term large-area heating scenarios, corrosion prevention and performance testing.

Because the units carry the label “made in Germany” you can be sure that you are buying a top-quality, highly efficient and extremely reliable heating unit which will carry on heating in the most hostile of environments and harshest of conditions. There’s also an electronically-controlled multistage switch to regulate air flow and air temperature so that you can carry out blasting, coating and painting work – in fact almost any surface work at all – at a constant temperature both indoors and out.

Heating performance80 kW
Air flow rate 6,000 m³/h
Input voltage400 V
Power consumption max.123 A
Fuse protection / plug125 A / CEE 125 A, 5-pin
Mobility wheelable/ fork lift / crane
Sound level (distance 3 m)76 dB (A)
Air pressure 600 Pa
Temperature increase ΔT60 °C
Length 1,625 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 1,245 mm
Weight 250 kg