ATEX Flexiheat

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ATEX Rated Heater

THE SA FLEXIHEAT EX HEATER withstands the harshest conditions offering robust, reliable and powerful performance for a range of industry applications. The lightweight, ergonomic design offers increased portability across work sites.

Fully certified for use in hazardous zones classified as 1 or 2, the Heater comes as ‘Plug & Play’ enabling efficient implementation and use of the system. Hosting optimised heating element design and a solid state electronic control system, our 440V Heater allows you to meet temperature requirements effectively and maintain optimum working conditions in temperatures as low as -40°C. If you’re not using the SA FLEXIHEAT EX Heater, you’re out in the cold.

With a superbly flexible, adaptable ducting and couplers you can quickly design and implement a system to your precise requirements, in virtually any environment.
Built from anti-static reinforced polymer with integrated steel helix wire for strength, this ducting is ATEX approved for zones 1 and 2. It’s been tested to extremes in independent laboratory trials and passes both antistatic and flammability tests.

Good air IN, bad air OUT – You are in control!





Specification Calculators
POWER15Kw @ 400VAC|18Kw @ 440VAC
CURRENT DRAW @ 400VACStart Up 24A | Run 23A
FREE AIRFLOW3110m3/h 1830cfm
DUCTING SIZE 300mm Diameter
AIR SPEED 15.5m/s | 51ft/s
TYPICAL TEMPERATURE RISEApprox. 20°C above ambient