Product: 100kW Trane Heat Pump Chiller

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100kW Trane Heat Pump Chiller

A 100kW Trane Heat Pump Chiller is ideal when you require both heating and air conditioning from the same temperature control system. The air-to-water heat pump chiller can be used for long-term marquee installations in order to deliver both heating and air conditioning options.

Nominal Cooling Duty94.5 kW
Design Operating Temperature In/Out+12/7 °C
Design Operating Ambient Temperature+35 °C
Heating Capacity99.2 kW
Design Operating Temperature In/Out+40/45 °C
Design Operating Ambient Temperature+7 °C
Number of Compressors3
Compressor TypeScroll
Capacity Steps2
Evaporator TypeBrazed Plate
Water Volume10.5 ltr
Number of Evaporators1
Available Pressure146 kPa
Pressure Drop39 kPa
Number of Fans3
Fan TypePropeller
Total Volume37300 m³/hr
Refrigerant TypeR407c
Power Supply400v 3ph +E 50hz
Max Running Amps89 Amps
Start Amps236 Amps
Electrical Connection5 Pin 125 Amp
Water Connection2” Bauer
Dimensions (L x W x H)3,200 x 1,100 x 2,048 mm
Weight1,182 kg