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Why Climate Control is Necessary for Third Party Logistics Companies? – An Overview

Third-party logistics companies (3PLs) are responsible for the handling of a variety of products. from huge electrical equipment to baby powdered milk. All these various types of items require different temperatures to retain their quality.

Are you a 3PL owner? Is it difficult for you to cope with the varying temperature of the products that your company handles?

If yes, then Cross Hire is the ultimate solution to your problem! We have the necessary equipment and qualified professionals to ensure proper climate control at your 3PL.

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Reasons to Ensure Proper Climate Control

3PLs play multiple roles in the supply chain management of a company, such as warehousing and transportation. Maintaining strict temperature is necessary for the handling of products; otherwise, the quality of the products will diminish alongside your company’s reputation. Products usually suffer a lot of climate fluctuations prior to reaching the 3PL in the climate-controlled inventory, and further differences could be quite harmful. Therefore, as a 3PL owner, you should implement methodologies and technologies to ensure that it fulfils the varying climate requirements of these items in an efficient manner.

Climate adjustment requirements are not just applicable to food items but also pharmaceuticals and electrical goods. High levels of humidity are very harmful to electrical items. It can cause corrosion on its metallic parts and clog vents and overlay components when combined with dust.

Similarly, pharmaceuticals also require an optimal temperature to retain their chemical structure. Slight variations of even a degree or two can alter their chemical composition and hence, their power to counter diseases. Sometimes, these temperature differences can modify them to such an extent that they can have a negative impact on the health of the consumer.

Impact of Extreme Outside Temperatures

The external weather conditions can have a huge impact on the temperature and climatic conditions maintained for the products by a 3PL. The raging heat of the summer and freezing temperature of winter can have a significant effect on the climate control. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the required conditions pertain no matter what are the external conditions.

Furthermore, climate control is not just limited to maintaining an optimal temperature; in fact, humidity is a major player in this regard. Therefore, you should ensure that its levels remain under control to avoid harm to the products.

Is Your Company Ready for Products Requiring Climate Control?

There are multiple factors that influence climate control such as airflow dynamics, building’s design, ventilation, humidity levels and outside weather. If you want your 3PL to have these conditions moulded as per your choice, then you need a professional team of experts and the right equipment.


Cross Hire can provide both the equipment and the expertise that will be needed to fulfil the unique climate requirements of every product that your 3PL handles. Click here or call them on 1890 247 266 for a timely and cost-effective solution.


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