Shout For Help! Cross Hire Assist A Critical Boiler Breakdown

The Background

Following an urgent call from our client requiring help when a boiler failure caused total loss of all heating and hot water, therefore  Cross Hire immediately jumped to their assistance.



Service Equipment Provided:

  • Supply 600 kw container boiler
  • Associated flexible pipe work
  • Associated fittings
  • Fuel tank and fuel management


15 weeks

The Solution

An engineer was sent straight to site to survey the situation and it was determined a 600kw Boiler package was required.

The relevant parts of the package were picked:

  • 600kw boiler.
  • 2500 litre fuel tank.
  • Storz hoses and fittings.

The Boiler package was delivered and installed with the flow and return connected straight onto the client’s existing circuit enabling the minimum disruption to the client and all personnel.

By passing the faulty boilers enabled our client to carry out the necessary repair work with total peace of mind knowing Cross Hire were looking after. Now the services are back up and running.

Cross Hire also provided a fuel management service which gave the client complete peace of mind, knowing the boiler could be run continuously without running out of fuel, in short, a total turnkey operation.



Again Cross Hire specialise in engineered solutions to suit your specific requirements, for this reason, should be your first choice for all your HVAC requirements, be it Boilers, Chillers or temporary Heating and Air Conditioning.

Please contact us to arrange a free site survey and see how we can best help you.

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