Boiler & Heating Solution Successfully Installed – Cross Hire

The consultant and M&E contractor at a large government building required a boiler solution for a new District Heating System.


 The Cross Hire team after the survey realised an “Off-The-Shelf” packaged boiler solution would not be suitable.  Therefore, a bespoke solution was required.

Boiler case study Cross Hire



Two 600kW container boilers were delivered and installed to deliver one single 1200kW output. Moreover, The flow and return were connected straight onto the existing circuit.  

Helping to ensure there was minimum disruption to the ongoing project. Hence, Integral to this installation were the two 1,000ltr expansion vessels.

Furthemore, Cross Hire commissioned and set up a maintenance programme to ensure no loss of heat or hot water during the installation – crucial given that occupancy is 24/7 year-round. The team of expert completed the project with minimum disruption to this high-security facility.

Boiler case study Cross Hire   Boiler case study Cross Hire

As shown above Cross Hire specialise in engineered solutions to suit your specific requirements and should be your first choice for all your HVAC requirements, be it Boilers, Chillers or temporary Heating and Air Conditioning.

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