Boiler breakdown

Boiler Breakdown: Are You Ready?

Having a boiler at your workplace is important for the productivity of your employees. With a comfortable temperature to work in, your employees would feel happy and enjoy working in the office. You will notice a significant increase in their work output.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to look after your employees. You should provide a cosy working environment for them and look after their health and safety in the office. To maintain a comfortable temperature, you should look for a reliable boiler to be installed in your workplace. This will help provide a comfortable working environment and increase the productivity of your workers.

But what if your boiler stops working? Will you let your employees work in the cold? You should consider the scenario of heating failure.

After all, if you find yourself in such a scenario, the productivity of your workers will decrease and they won’t feel happy working in an uncomfortable environment. As an employer, you must work ahead of problems. You should prepare a reliable contingency plan for your office heating system.

What Will Happen If My Boiler Breaks Down?

Apart from unhappy employees, the consequences that you will face if your office boiler breaks down are:

  • No hot water
  • Uncomfortable working environment
  • Loss of time that cannot be recovered
  • Health risks
  • Repairing costs

To avoid these consequences, you must prepare yourself for the worst. You should draft a set of preventive measures to keep yourself and your employees safe. A heating failure during working hours means your business could face a huge loss.

To save your time, you should look for a reliable boiler hiring company for emergency situations. Cross Hire provides portable boilers for hiring. We will help you plan a contingency plan for your office heating system. Our highly qualified technicians will inspect the site of installation and choose a suitable boiler that matches your heating needs. With us by your side, you won’t need to worry about emergency situations.

How Can I Save My Boiler From Breaking Down?

You can’t completely avoid boiler breakdowns, but you can take some preventive measures to save yourself from the hassle. Here are some ways that can help you avoid boiler breakdown:

1. An Effective Contingency Plan

As emphasized earlier, to save yourself and your employees from the consequences of a boiler breakdown, you must plan ahead of time. You should call your staff members for a meeting and discuss this issue with them instead of brushing it under the carpet. You should plan out a course of action and assign a duty to every staff member so that your employees work as a team in emergency situations.  You can also conduct an emergency drill to prepare your employees beforehand.

You should also make an emergency document that contains the contact numbers of the staff members, suppliers, and customers that you would need to contact in case of an emergency. Additionally, it is important to contact a company that offers boilers for hire. Sign a deal with them to make sure they are there when you need them. If you and your employees are trained to face emergency situations, the consequences of boiler breakdown will automatically be controlled. With an effective contingency plan, you won’t need to worry about breakdowns.

2. Regular Maintenance  

To avoid breakdowns, it is necessary that a technician inspects your boiler regularly. This will minimize the chances of breakdown and will increase the life of your boiler. If you don’t get it checked regularly, a number of problems can arise such as gas leaks, water leaks, and faulty boiler components. Regular maintenance will keep your system clean and free from leaks. You should schedule a maintenance session for your system every month, to avoid breakdowns and other problems.

3. Boiler History

They say that prevention is better than cure. You should keep a check on your boiler’s performance. By looking at the data from previous years, you can analyze the condition of your heating system. It might be that your boiler outlived its useful life and is now waiting to be discarded. Old heating systems tend to cause problems every now and then. You should carefully study the performance of your boiler and take necessary steps to make sure your boiler does not break down.

4. Water Quality

Poor quality water can damage your boiler. It may cause problems like corrosion, sludge formation, scaling and overheating. You should look into water treatment solutions to make sure your boiler stays in perfect condition. It will also save you from extra costs and improve the overall efficiency of your system.

To remove sludge and debris from your system, you can ask your technician to clean your boiler from inside. They will use a solution to flush out all the waste and make your boiler clean again.

5. Warning Signs

Before your boiler breaks down, it will warn you by exhibiting some signs. You need to look out for these signs to ensure that your boiler doesn’t break down:

  • Strange noises from your boiler
  • Not getting hot water from your boiler
  • Unusual smell from your boiler
  • Your boiler turns on and off itself
  • Black coloured carbon deposits around your boiler
  • A yellow coloured flame instead of a blue flame

If your boiler shows these signs, do not try to fix it on your own. Immediately call a qualified engineer to help you restore your boiler. Ignoring these signs will lead to a boiler breakdown and eventually waste your time and resources.

Emergency Boiler Hire Solution

In case of an emergency, if you need a temporary boiler, you can contact Cross-Hire. We have a wide range of latest boilers for emergency rentals. Our range of boilers includes electric, gas and oil-fired boilers. You can choose the type of fuel according to your needs. Our rental equipment is suitable for schools, hospitals, offices, industries, construction sites, as well as events and exhibitions.

By using our services, you will be stress-free and have your organization run smoothly.

Visit the range of boilers or give us a call at 1890 247 266.  


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