Air Handler Hire

Cross Hire stocks an extensive air handler hire range. From a sleek 10kW Fan Coil handler to our 150kW industrial handlers and larger, all our products are available for short- or long-term hire. Our air handlers are also ideal for use along side our boiler or chiller range for short-term heating or cooling uses.

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Temporary Air Handler Solutions

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Product: 20/40kW Air Handler

Product: 50/100kW Air Handler

Product: 100/200kW Air Handler

Product: 150/300kW Air Handler

Installation Options


Our air handler hire range is the perfect option for situations that need a short-term heating or cooling solution. You can place these units either inside or outside a venue, providing air through existing ducts, temporary ducts or via the units themselves.

The flexible nature of our air handlers means that you can install a complete system with pace and ease. This makes Cross Hire the first choice for urgent or emergency air handling installations.

Industrial Air Handler Hire


For use on large projects, our industrial air handler hire solutions are highly capable. The units pump large amounts of air – hot or cold – into large areas. You can locate them either inside or outside an area, as well as link them to an existing duct network.

Industrial air handlers prove to be extremely strong. All metalwork is galvanised in order to help protect the units from the elements. It makes them reliable and durable; the ideal fit for heavy duty use.

  • Boiler Connectivity for Heating
  • Chiller Connectivity for Cooling
  • External & Internal Use
  • Full Temperature Control

  • Strong Metal Build
  • High Airflow
  • 50-150 kW Cooling
  • 100-300 kW Heating

Fan Coils for Events

A fan coil air handler is the ideal type of unit for short-term cooling and heating at high-end events. If you hire a fan coil unit, you can combine it with a boiler or a chiller to deliver a sleek and quiet option that fulfils your temperature control needs.

You can place an event air handler around your venue to make sure the distribution of air is consistent. Our fan coils units come in cream or black models. This means they will fit easily into the colour scheme of your event(s) with ease and style.

And, when it comes to long-term events where you may need heating and cooling during the course of the hire, our team can help. That’s because you can use our air handlers with heat pump chillers to give a full climate control solution.

Air Handler Hire - Event Air Handlers

  • Cream or Black Finish
  • Sleek Design
  • Thermostatically Controlled

  • Lightweight Design
  • 15 – 20 kW Cooling
  • 30 – 40 kW Cooling

Typical Air Handler Applications:

  • Large Volume Air Conditioning
  • Low Temperature Production Facilities
  • Food Storage
  • Marquees & Temporary Structures
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Supermarket Cooling