The Markets We Serve

  • Offices and all other commercial sites
  • Air conditioning and heating contractors
  • M&E contractors
  • Shop fitters
  • Retail shops, showrooms, banks and building societies
  • Hotels, pubs, sports and leisure centres
  • Hospitality, concerts, weddings, parties and all other indoor and outdoor events
  • Doctors, Dentists and Vets surgeries
  • Utilities
  • Government offices and facilities
  • The construction sector

  • Civil engineering
  • Garages and repair shops
  • Factories, warehouse and distribution facilities
  • Phone and computer communication rooms
  • High-tech clean rooms
  • Farming facilities outbuildings
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Temporary buildings and portacabins
  • Medical and research institutions
  • Pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants
  • Foods processing, beverages, bottling and distilling
  • Facilities management and maintenance providers

It’s our business to keep you in business!

Keeping Retail Stores Cool

Markets We Serve: Retail Solutions

Markets We Serve: Retail Solutions

Markets We Serve: Retail Solutions

Markets We Serve: Retail Solutions

The customer experience is key to all retailers. Shopping is a lifestyle choice and shoppers need to feel cool, relaxed and welcome to enjoy their local shopping centre. When things go wrong with any part of that experience, we know that things need to be fixed and quick!

During large refits, all retailers need to keep their shops safe and comfortable for their customers. At Cross Hire, we provide short-term air conditioning to help make sure that it’s business as usual – not just for your customers, but your staff too.

Keeping Server Rooms Cool

Markets We Serve: Server Room Solutions

Computer and other systems have a vital role to play in many businesses. Computer rooms and phone switch rooms can create a lot of heat. It is, therefore, so important that they run with complete reliability at all times. Mission-critical applications have to be very reliable. Air conditioning is central to achieving that and it must reach a high standard each time.

Most server and switch room processes will make sure that all data is backed up on a regular basis. UPS and emergency plans for the failure of the equipment all have back-up procedures and disaster recovery plans too. But air conditioning systems will not always be thought about in those plans, however! At best, call-out arrangements for maintenance will be in place. If the units can’t be fixed fast, there will need to be further plans made.

Temporary Buildings

Product: 100kW Fluid Chiller

Product: 320kW Fluid Chiller

Product: 20/40kW Air Handler

Product: 20/40kW Event Air Handler

And things might also get too cold for comfort! Temporary buildings and marquees are used to overcome short-term disruption. Cross Hire will respond with speed and efficiency to make sure that, if it does get cold, you’ll get things back to normal in no time at all. Our range of heating equipment is vast and suits almost all environments.

Call Centres need to keep cool!

Markets We Serve: Call Centre Solutions

Love them or hate them – but call centres can get very warm! When it comes to keeping lots of people in a large office cool, we’re here to help.

Our range of portable air conditioning can help cool those older buildings that don’t have a fixed system in place. Meanwhile, smaller offices can also need extra cooling. We have a wide range of high quality units for all office settings as a result.


Markets We Serve: Warehouse Solutions

Without experts, the storage and archiving of your documents can cost a huge amount. We have the equipment and expertise, however, to make sure that you can store even the most delicate documents nice and safely.

Cross Hire work on a range of projects such as this, with our heaters and dryers a great fit for almost any site. We know how much you want to preserve your important documents. And that’s why we can offer the right solution to keep them at the right temperature.