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Air Conditioning Hire

Our air conditioning fleet is one of the largest in Ireland. Our extensive range of air conditioners lets us cater for almost any use, comprising exhaust tube air, water-cooled split-type PAC and evaporative cooling units. We also offer ventilation fans for hire too.

All our portable air conditions are powered from a single 13amp mains power socket. This means complete ease of installation and use. The power output of our units range from 3.5kW to 10.25kW, although you can combine our units for higher-demand uses.

We PAT test all our units prior to each hire.

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Chiller Hire

Our chiller hire range is ideal for process cooling and temporary air conditioning. All units connect to existing systems and air handling units to provide a complete air conditioning package. It means we have solutions for everything – from industrial to marquee cooling.

The chillers we offer includes air-cooled units ranging from 5kW to 580kW and heat pump chillers from 10kW up to 200kW in output. In addition, all our chillers can combine as part of multi-megawatt solutions too. This means we can cater for all cooling requirements.

Not only that, but our low-temperature chiller hire is a great fit for process cooling applications. Our units can cool down to -10°C and are also ideal for creating temporary ice rinks.

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Heater Hire

Thanks to our wide range of portable heaters, we can help you provide warmth to spaces large and small – from offices to warehouses and much, much more. We also offer a selection of fuel options too, which include electric, diesel oil and LPG gas units.

Our heating output ranges from 2.4kW up to 220kW for single units. Of course, we have multiple units on hand if you are working on a larger project.

Electric fan heaters, oil-filled radiators, infra-red radiant heaters and marquee heaters are among the types that we offer, as well as three-phase direct-fired and indirect-fired heaters. You can also rent specialist building site heaters with 110V connections too.

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Boiler Hire

Our mobile boiler hire is perfect if you need a short-term hot water and/or heating system. Our hire fleet is the ideal match for a range of uses: boiler replacement, planned maintenance and heating temporary buildings, as well as emergency breakdowns.

With an oil and gas range that starts at 100kW and goes up to 550kW, we can tailor our solutions to your exact needs. We also offer combined systems for multi-megawatt power or small 22kW electric boilers, which are the best fit for underfloor heating.

Cross Hire also specialises in the bespoke manufacture of boiler plants too. Look no further if you need boilers for either short-term or long-term use. We work from your specifications to provide a full turn-key solution for you and your project requirements.

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About Us

Cross Hire is Ireland’s leading supplier of HVAC hire solutions. We are proud of our position in the HVAC hire market. Offering a diverse range of products and packages that deliver heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions to all business sectors.

Our engineers, service and installation teams are among the most experienced you’ll find. We equip all our technicians with the specialist skills that you need, as well as ensuring they are Gas Safe and F Gas trained too. You can be sure of the best service when you choose Cross Hire as a result.

All our staff are friendly, enthusiastic and here to offer their extensive expertise of the HVAC hire market. This includes FMCG account management and IOSH certification, as well as vast environmental expertise. Our skills are, therefore, simply unrivalled.

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